The enterprise culture is the soul of the enterprise,it is the exhaust power to promote business develoment. ITcontains avery rich content,its core is the enterprise's spirit and values. vales here are not various cultural phenomena in common business management,but the values which is held during the enterprise or enterprises employees engaged in commodity produdctions.
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4、 红色点喻示目标和方向,竞成人齐心协力向着同一个目标前进。
1, "King as" the "where there do things by halves," as the motto, through efforts to succeed.
2, the letter "C" is the core of flags, take "as" the first letter, and the blending of Italian success.
3, "JC" to close the dynamic deformation of Art, the goal of progress Kunpeng, competing as a symbol of the indomitable spirit of enterprise.
4, red dots metaphor goals and directions, competing together toward adult same goal.